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W.E. are

W.E. are Warner Edwards, great friends, craft distillers, and creators of award winning hand-crafted artisan gins.  From our 200 year old barn on Falls Farm in the picturesque village of Harrington, Northamptonshire, we carefully and lovingly distil a range of fantastically smooth and aromatic gins using our farm’s natural spring water, grain spirit and home-grown ingredients from our farm. Each batch is small, and every single bottle is carefully handcrafted by us, from the filling to the wax seal and label finishing.

United in spirit

With an upbringing in farming our dream has always been to set up a business on the farm and produce a product that was farm made, hand finished and steeped in provenance.  The original idea of distilling essential oils quickly turned to distilling spirits and creating bespoke flavours using the farm and its hedgerow botanicals. Our craft distillery was born on the 6th December 2012 when we sold our first bottle.

The village of Harrington is said to be 'built on rock and water', with natural springs in abundance across Falls Farm. The top fields of the farm are a scheduled monument recognised by English heritage and were once the park and gardens of a medieval manor house stood, complete with the remains of monastic fish ponds. The water used in the distillation is from a spring 300 metres from the distillery.


The intense smoothness of our gins comes from our gorgeous bespoke copper still, ‘Curiosity’, handmade for us in Germany by the Arnold Holstein family. Curiosity is the heartbeat of our business and when we welcomed her in October 2012, she was the first of her kind in the UK.

Curiosity’s 500 litre pot produces our world-class gin, using the best possible method - London Dry one-shot distillation. Copper is extremely important in the rectification of our spirit and Arnold Holstein hold the patent for an additional part of the traditional column called the catalyser, this turbo charges the removal of impurities from the base spirit and botanical recipe so that we end up with a much purer and cleaner spirit.

On Curiosity’s arrival at Falls Farm a curious cat left its paw prints in the wet cement of the distillery floor, which led us to christen her with the name ‘Curiosity’.

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Meet the Team

Saving the world from mediocre GIN

Tom Warner

Founding Partner

Eat, Sleep, G&T, Repeat!

Tina Warner-Keogh


Looking for quality retailers through my GINoculars

Ross Strachan

Off-trade Sales Manager

A love of great GIN + a love of accountancy = a fantastic job

Caroline Riley

Admin & Accounts Manager

A self-confessed GIN geek who’s spent years discovering the perfect gin, delighted to have finally found it

Andy Seach

On-trade Sales Manager

Forgive me father for I have GINned

Clare Haynes

Marketing Manager

I can’t imaGINe a world without Warner Edwards

Ben Amos


Mastering the art of craft

Cameron Fairbairn

Distillery & Production Assistant

Born to work here, GeorGINa

Georgina Priestly-Bingham

Office Manager

When life gives you lemons, make a GIN & tonic

Henry Kelvin Hughes

Sales & Marketing Assistant

GINspiring consumers across the UK

Deborah Laird

Sales & Marketing Assistant

ManaGINg the production of the World’s best gin

Mark Chandler

Production Manager

Crafting beauty through GINnovation

Jeremy Stephens

Head of Distilling and Operations

GINius in the making

Sarah Priestly-Bingham

Production Manager



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